look alive. (mcfeste) wrote in will_sonny,
look alive.

clip source?

Hi guys! Very exciting that Chandler will be back, since he brings an authenticity and pathos to Will I've rarely seen in soaps. I'd say he's my favorite soap actor of all time.

Anyway, I never did watch Days as a whole. Back before Will died, I bounced around a couple of YouTube channels that featured only Will/Sonny clips whenever one or both of them were on. Most recently I followed the channel Paula M when she got tos'd from YT and went over to Dailymotion as PaulaM2. I've fallen behind on keeping up with clips the past couple of months, and now it seems that channel no longer exists either -- probably tos'd again.

I'd really like to catch up on the past couple of months and stay on top of Sonny and Paul from now on, since Will will be back so soon. Does anyone know another consistent clip source?

Thanks, everybody.
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