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The Return of WilSon?

*Knock, Knock, Knock...*  Anybody still out there?
Well, SUPRISE!!! There's actually some NEW Will and Sonny news!!!

First up, Is Chandler Massey Returning to the role?
Second up, Freddie Smith spotted on set a second time.

(I'm straight up ganking this from The Backlot New Now Next)

Is Chandler Massey Returning To “Days of Our Lives” As Beloved Gay Will Horton?
Will was strangled to death last year in a storyline that outraged many LGBT viewers.

by snicks

When Chandler Massey inherited the role of gay teen Will Horton on Days Of Our Lives in 2010, it began a groundbreaking stretch on daytime TV. Massey’s energy and charisma made what could have been a predictable gay cliche into must-see TV.

Will endured the usual soap opera tropes—coming-out, disapproving parents, murder accusations (well, it is a soap), and most importantly true love with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith).

Massy won three consecutive Daytime Emmys for the role, but left the show months before being awarded the last one, under difficult circumstances.
After Massey left, he was replaced with actor Guy Wilson, but last fall the character of Will Horton was killed off in a storyline that outraged many. Smith eventually left the show, as well, and new gay character Paul has been given little to do.
But is there a spark of hope for the future?
Yesterday NBC renewed Days Of Our Lives, and Massey’s former publicist Jeffrey Ballard posted a message to Facebook congratulating the producers and leaving a cryptic message for fans.

Screen Shot 02-12-16 at 07.26 AM
Usually when someone in Hollywood say they can’t “confirm or deny” something, it’s a dead giveaway. That, along with the emoji and the “I guess you will all have to keep watching” line have fans in a tizzy, wondering if Massey—and Will—are making a return.
Now, the last time we saw Will he was strangled to death and had his corpse thrown into a duffel bag, but if soaps have taught us anything it’s that death is never forever.
Adding fuel to the fire was an Instagram from Days cast member Vincent Irizarry, which shows someone in the background that looks suspiciously like Freddie Smith.
Could we be getting a true “WilSon” reunion?

(And the Freddie Smith second sighting from willxsonny on Tumblr)

Freddie Smith seen on the monitor in this photo posted from the set of Days Of Our Lives. [source]

So..... yeah............
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