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Spoiler No More! Major MAJOR Casting News and MAJOR Plot Spoiler!

Yeah, I'm not even gonna try to re-write this.  I'm just grabbing it straight from NNN The Backlot.

Guy Wilson Axed From “Days Of Our Lives!” What Does This Mean For Will Horton?
So much to process
by snicks 9/16/2015
Oh dear. The rumors have been persisting for weeks, and now Serial Scoop has confirmed that Guy Wilson is leaving Days Of Our Lives, and the core character of Will Horton is going to fall victim to the Salem Necktie Killer!
But is this end for Will Horton?
Even though viewers see Will die in the next month, it’s hard to believe a legacy character–the firstborn of Sami Brady, no less–would be axed from a show looking to beef up its next generation. Perhaps Will could return from the dead someday. In the world of soap operas, anything is possible.
Indeed, there are so many questions to contend with, such as:
1. Is this why Freddie Smith is going to make a brief return, to bury Sonny’s husband?
2. Is this why the character of Gabi is suddenly going to be released from prison, so she and Will’s daughter Arianna can leave the show together after his death?
3. What about the also persistent rumors that Chandler Massey is poised to return to the role that won him three Emmys?
Guy Wilson has been a controversial choice for Will Horton ever since he debuted in January 2014, with detractors, but also a very vocal fan base.
Very vocal.
Anyway, the next month should be fascinating, as we’ll see old favorites return and more victims of the soon-to-be-revealed killer. Serial Scoop is also reporting that Kassie DePaiva is leaving the show, and another controversial character is going to meet his demise, but not at the hands of the Salem Necktie Killer.
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