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Spoilery Rumors From The Backlot

K, I'm on my way to FanExpo so no time for finess.  I'm just gonna straight up cut and paste these rumor/spoilery things I read over at The Backlot/NewNowNext.  Usually Langford has a pretty good track record when it comes to intel.

Ciao my Lovelies!

Recent interviews with the show’s writers reveal that Paul will be playing stuff with his family for now, but they’re planning on recasting Sonny after some time has passed. Does this mean that Paul and Sonny will eventually reunite? So at least there’s something in mind for the gays, assuming it ever happens.

At least though we won’t have to sit through a Will/Paul romance, which I would have found intolerable. Still hoping though that the rumors of Will’s demise aren’t true. It’s been all but confirmed that Guy Wilson is no longer with the show so we’ll just have to see how he’s written out. I have no problem with them getting rid of the actor, but the character should definitely have a place in Salem.

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