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Wilson Spoilers For Next Week

After the disappointment that was today's episode, I thought we could all use some interesting Wilson spoilers.

From Daytime Royalty.  I deleted all non-Wilson related spoilers.

Monday ("Seeds of Doubt")
Gabi makes a surprising announcement to Will; Rafe is furious about Gabi and Nick;

Tuesday ("Warnings")
 Will blasts Sami for attacking Gabi; Rafe gives Nick a warning.

Thursday ("Summer Gala")
Rafe tries to find out what everyone is hiding;

Friday ("Incriminating Photos")
Rafe investigates Nick;


National Enquirer Spoilers (on Daytime Royalty)
Gabi makes a startling announcement to Will
Will blasts Sami for attacking Gabi
Rafe is determined to figure out what everyone is hiding about Gabi

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Rafe punches Nick, who gives Rafe a chilling warning.

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Gabi freaks when Will brings up the idea of a custody agreement.

From SOF (Soap Opera Fan)  Posted by willxsonny on Tumblr.

Things continue to simmer to a boil in Salem. Sami may finally push Gabi a little too far. The two women get into a brutal argument, prompting Gabi to make an upsetting choice. She turns to Will with an announcement that makes him angrier than ever at his mother. He launches into an attack on Sami before freaking Gabi out by suggesting that they set up a custody agreement.
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