janey50 (janey50) wrote in will_sonny,

Just wondering...

So how many in this community are still watching days? Just wondering. I am not going to watch after this Thursday since it's Sonny's last day. At least for awhile or until I get interested again.

I started watching Days 4 years ago when Sonny came on after not watching for a long time. I became interested in other storylines as well. The past year it hasn't been good. Besides the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle which they basically just talked in circles everytime they were on. The other storylines weren't that great either.

Now, we have Bo (who is only back for a little bit), Steve, Andre, some new cop that I could care less about and some rapidly aged teenagers. I mean if I wanted to watch some teenagers I would turn on the Disney channel! I know it's just a soap but I have never been more upset about a character dying before! Heartbreaking that this is how their story ends with all they have gone through. Thanks for being a great community. It was fun while it lasted!
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