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Due to bad overall writing for DAYS, WilSon wedding drew bad ratings - show your support now!

I've been thinking about it a lot, and I really feel the need to make an extra post about this.

Unfortunately, all my fears have been confirmed (though I was really hoping they would NOT: ) and the bad writing we have seen on DAYS for at least the last four to six weeks made it impossible for the WilSon wedding to bring ratings up last week. In fact, DAYS had quite a bad week, although the three weeks before weren't really better.

And now, some people (with a not-so-subtle agenda) on the soap forums and elsewhere are already trying to blame last week's bad ratings on Will and Sonny. So, it is very important for us to criticize the bad overall writing we've seen for the last couple of weeks and months. Many DAYS fans have been complaining about that, and it's crucial that WilSon fans show their support for WilSon now and make it very clear that the writers and their lack of interesting major storylines, especially for Will and Sonny, but also for most of the other popular pairings, is the reason why the ratings have dropped. In such an environment, the WilSon wedding was an isolated highlight, without any major build up or interesting storyline around it, and therefore had no chance to bring ratings up!

The writing over the last weeks consisted mainly of very fragmented stories without any major and coherent arcs of suspense and interesting twists or climaxes, with everything being dragged out way too long.

So, please go to Facebook, go to Twitter (@nbcdays #DAYS #WilSon #WilSonWedding) and go to soap sites and forums and tell them:

WilSon always brought ratings up when they were front and center in 2013 - so give them better storylines again! The #WilSonWedding (a hit on Twitter and Facebook last week) would have been a ratings hit, if it had been part of a well-written major storyline and good overall writing for the show! But the way it was handled, it was totally isolated, and now they can't blame that on WilSon!

Most importantly, always show your support for Freddie and Guy and all the other wonderful actors involved in WilSon's story. They have been FANTASTIC and gave us the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen on any soap. And that's why they deserve better overall writing again!

Please share YOUR ideas how we can get out a strong message of support for our boys in this situation!
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