mavencree (mavencree) wrote in will_sonny,

OFFICIAL EPISODE POST: April 1st - The Wedding - The Begining

Might I recommend that after viewing this (or before), that you follow this link and read a WilSon April Fool’s joke.  I love reading Snick's Liveblog of WilSon over at The Backlot, whenever they're on.  Today, during my work lunch I headed over to the site to read, as I couldn't watch.  What was happening with Will and Sonny was pure gold.  Then I read those dreaded words: April Fools!  Then he continued with the regular liveblog.  I was extremely irked at first because I so wanted what I was reading to be what was happening and I couldn't wait to see the video.  But it was a good joke and I think you all might enjoy it.
Tags: official episode post, the wedding
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