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The Wedding Night

Title: The Wedding Night
Author: Srayj
Rating: PG-13/R, not really sure what crosses the line into R territory but I didn't get explicit, I've never been a good enough writer to take the story there. ;o)
Warnings: Some Will and Sonny sexy time!
Disclaimers: I am a terrible fanfic writer but on occasion I can't stop myself from imagining what I want to see, hence this entry. Also, I included a couple of very minor spoilers in the story, [Spoiler (click to open)]the confetti idea came from the commercial preview and the fact that they stay in a hotel was something that I read about, but this story is mostly my imagination at work.

"Come here baby. Let me help you.” Sonny laughed as he moved closer and started picking the confetti from my hair that I had missed, confetti that found its way there when our friends and family had sent us off with a wish of a happy life as husbands. I was so overwhelmed and so excited; husbands! He and I were finally married! When I first came out, I had no idea if this was even a possibility for me and then Sonny came into my life and my world changed. Even after I had started dating Sonny I was still afraid of what people might say about a family that was deemed “unconventional” not to mention my parents’ disastrous attempts at being a happy family, but Sonny made everything okay. He showed me that it's love that makes a family work and we have plenty of that.
He was still laughing as he pulled the last piece of confetti out of my hair. Sonny kissed me and pulled away just enough to look me in the eyes and say, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.” I breathed. As I told my dad, it was not an ideal time for a honeymoon right now but Sonny and I did decide that we needed at least one special night to celebrate without having to worry about Gabi and Ari in the next room, hence the gorgeous hotel room we were now standing in. Sonny pulled away from me to open and pour the champagne that was chilling in a bucket on the dresser. He popped the cork and poured two glasses as I removed my tie and unbuttoned the top button on my shirt. Sonny came towards me with that gleaming smile of his, a glass in each hand.
He extended one of the glasses to me as he said, “To us and our life together.” We clinked our glasses and took a sip of the champagne. I watched as the light amber liquid passed between my husband’s lips. I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to have those luscious lips on mine. I took his glass and my own and set them down on the dresser. I removed Sonny’s tie and jacket quickly and my lips began to caress his as I unbuttoned his tuxedo shirt. As I undid the final button and stripped the shirt off completely, my tongue found its way into Sonny’s open mouth. I massaged his tongue with my own using slow calculated movements that I know drive him wild.
Sonny and I had removed each others’ shirts and were standing there with our torsos gleaming as he undid my belt. I could feel his warm hands work their way down my hips and push the slacks with them. Sonny’s hands found their way around me and caressed my ass. He kneaded my flesh just enough to get me excited but not enough to leave a mark. I removed Sonny's pants and reciprocated. My hands traveled up his body. With one hand on the back of Sonny’s head and the other on the small of his back I pulled him into me so that our bodies were flush up against each other. I could feel him, every part of him. I could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest. I could feel the sweat that was beginning to form on his neck. I could feel how hard he was against my thigh. I took a quick breath and started moving Sonny over to the bed. I pulled back one more time to stare into the eyes of the man I love, my husband's eyes. I gently pushed Sonny onto the bed, laid my body on top of his and softly bit his lower lip before ravaging him once more with kisses that I wanted to linger in Sonny's memory long after this.
Finally, I removed my boxers and Sonny's. I lived for this moment when I could feel the warmth of Sonny’s body under my body, it gave me the most wonderful sensation of being more vulnerable and exposed, both physically and emotionally, than ever, yet still feeling safe knowing that I was in Sonny’s arms and I was loved.
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