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Freddie Smith. Seriously hot.

I know there have been a million comments about Freddie's weight gain over recent months. I've just been watching Freddie from his 90210 days as Marco - and you know what, he was kinds scrawny. I think dear ol' Freddie is kinda buff now. Sexy, sexy arms. Looks hot in a vest. There is no way Sonny could seem as grounded and confident as he is if he was still the skinny little Freddie of old. His new shape is a big improvement if you ask me. It works for his character and it obviously seems to work for Will, who is eager to get naked with his as often as possible. i loved their afternoon quicky and thought the way Will took Sonny's apron off was a cute touch. Yay for afternoon delights and yay for buff, confident Sonny.
Sorry. Just a random ramble.
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