This is from The Backlot... I'm just gonna let them tell you...

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15 May 2015 @ 05:50 pm

Stereotypical hillbilly look aside, I kinda like this guy.  Hope he shows up in Salem.   Hell, why don't he and Will swap.  I'm well done with Mr Horton.
13 May 2015 @ 08:52 pm

Is that not the most AMAZING screen shot in the history of YouTube screen shots?
11 May 2015 @ 12:38 am
Deidre Hall posted a picture of her with Freddie on twitter (today, I think).

10 May 2015 @ 06:46 pm
So there's a new cast member on Days.  The actor's name is TJ Hoban. We won't be seeing him on screen until October cause he starts filming next week.  We don't know his character's name, who he's playing or who he's playing with (our boys?), but I thought, since it's Mother's Day, I'd throw out some pretty eye candy.

And yes, that *is* an 8-pack... EIGHT. PACK.

(These pics are from The Backlot btw.)

Oh and even though this guy isn't a spoiler because we don't know who he is, there may be *other* casting news spoilers in the comment section, so you've been warned.

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04 May 2015 @ 05:40 pm
Please check out, LIKE and SHARE this new Facebook page where all Sonny, WilSon and PaulSon fans come together and join forces to urge DAYS's producers and new head writers to keep Sonny on the show:

Freddie Smith stopped filming one and a half months ago and there has been no official statement whatsoever on what this means for the character of Sonny and the whole WilSon/PaulSon storyline. Meanwhile, the show is preparing for its 50th anniversary (taping for the anniversary will start soon), but Sonny and the gay storyline haven't been mentioned a single time by the new head writers and/or producers.

We have to remind DAYS, Sony and NBC that the gay storyline and this fanbase have been a BIG part of Days's success, especially in the show's best recent year (2013) when they hit multi-year ratings highs several times with Will and Sonny being front and center every single time such highs happened. The show's best weekly average since October 2014 (EJami's exit) as well as the best single days in almost a year were registered in February 2015, exactly in the week (Feb 2-6) and on days (Feb 2, Feb 16) when Sonny, Paul and Will were most heavily featured. There is no other storyline and fanbase that has consistently generated such a huge amount of buzz for DAYS on Social Media and all over the web.

Please spread the word and support all our efforts to urge the producers and writers NOT to write Sonny off the show, but to bring Freddie back as soon as possible or, since this doesn't seem likely at the moment, to recast the role IMMEDIATELY and to keep Sonny and WilSon/PaulSon on the front burner instead of quietly throwing them under the bus!
Tell DAYS and the new head writers @DenaHigley @tvjoshgriffith on Twitter and Facebook, including Days's own fanpage, that you're watching for Sonny and WilSon/PaulSon (comments)!